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Create your page whatever stage your project is at

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Use all the media you can to introduce your ideas

chat with your player

With who?

Talk about it privately or publicly with the members' platform

Your project is taking shape? Now you've got to think about your community

Using appropriate tools, build your community as you develop your game

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Go even further with Gaekko's ecosystem

To go even further in creating your community

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gaekko points

A gamification system encourages the players to help you

become the best

Gaekko highlights the best contributors to encourage them in their actions

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Bloggers, YouTubers and other streamers who are on the platform can access your productions more easily

Analyze your accomplishments

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Follow the accomplishments coming from your actions on Gaekko through your statistics dashboard
Number of views, followers, downloads, sales, etc…

Gaekko Money

And so much more: funding, partnership with publishers

Your game is done?

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Gaekko: it's also a distribution platform

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Access to all games

Users get access to your games in the Gaekko library, available for download or directly in the browser, if it enables it.

take visibility and players

Visibility is our priority

Categories, tags, ranking, feedback, everything is done for your productions to be put forward intelligently. One goal: avoiding losing the games in the shuffle and losing visibility.

Win money

A fair economy

To help you with the launch of your projects, our commission is determined in regard to the success of your games (success fees principle).

They already support Gaekko

ANKAMA games


DOFUS, Wakfu, Kwaan
ANKAMA - French studio specialized in transmedia, is known for its successful MMORPG, DOFUS. Attracting several million players throughout the world, this game has been around for over 10 years. It was followed by other productions such as Wakfu, Kwaan, Tactile Wars, etc...
Too Kind Studio

Too Kind Studio

Too Kind Studio is a 2D video game creation and development studio based in Tourcoing, near Lille in France. Pankapu, their first game, is a tribute to 90s games, mixing platforms and action through a touching story.
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